Revealed: The 4 Rules of Making Your Explainer Videos Attractive

Making Your Explainer Videos AttractiveTo succeed in business, you need rules and procedures for guiding each step and activity. You require rules to define how you will select your marketing options, managing your employees, drafting and implementing your budget, and guiding day to day operations. In this day and age of digital revolution, video marketing is becoming a pillar for any brand that wants to earn a competitive position. This means you need explainer videos to educate and inform your audience of who you are and what you do.

Notably, the development social media is enhancing content sharability. From research, people are more likely to share video content compared to the plain text one. However, your videos must be attractive and of good quality to attract sharing. Here are the top 4 rules for making your explainer videos attractive and shareable:

Rule #1: An excellent script is a pillar

As you know, your video is a visual story about your brand. For the visual story to be excellent and attractive, it must be backed up by an impressive script. Regardless of your video’s purpose, you should always focus on developing high quality and professional video script. If you do not have the skills to develop one, it is advisable to seek services of professional scriptwriters.

Otherwise, a weak script will lead to reduced quality and unattractive explainer video. Also, enrolling an external scriptwriter will bring in new ideas and perspectives about your brand which may result in a positive impact on your marketing activities.

Rule #2: Keep it short and precise

One common mistake many entrepreneurs and business owners commit is creating very long explainer videos. Instead of giving fine details about their brands, they focus on narrating the history of the company and its founders’ steps to success. Do you think your customers have interests in your business history or want to know about your brand so that they can make a purchasing decision?

If you didn’t know, having long videos that contain a high percentage of irrelevant information is the pillar of increased bouncing rate. No one will waste watching them while all they need is sufficient information to conclude their purchase decisions. For this reason, always keep your explainer videos as short as you can. Also, use the easiest language that is understandable to any person.

Rule #3: Be professional

Professionalism is not only conduct required in your day to day office operations alone. Instead, it is a virtue that each activity in your organization should portray. One important thing that you need to know is that the way you present your brand to your potential customers is the ingredient for the perception they will attach to it. In this regard, when developing and presenting you explainer videos, ensure professionalism stands out.

If your team cannot to do a professional video, it is recommendable to approach a video production company with experience to do one for you. Remember, how you present your brand is the same way your audience will receive it.

Rule #4: Focus on problems solution before calling for an action

The main aim of your explainer video is to tell your audience what your products can do for them. It is not a video to tell them why you are best among many. In this essence, instead of focusing on features, concentrate on the problems your prospects are going through and offer to tell them how your product is solving them. Then, focus on the function of each feature about a given problem and the reason it is the ultimate solution. Lastly, end your video with a call to action. Offer them a link to your online store or where to obtain the products.

With this rules, your explainer videos will receive high acceptance and attract a large audience.



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