What is Augmented Reality? How Does it Work?

Augmented reality is the deployment of a virtue image over a real-world object. It is an interactive display based on real-life happenings that expands what is happening in the real world.

Unlike VR that creates an artificial environment that replaces the real world, augmented reality appears at the same time with the existing environment, adding sound, video, and graphics. In simple terms, it is a mix of reality and computer-generated reality.

As AR continues to grow, it will affect how various industries conduct their operations. Among them are:

Retail industry: when you go to a store to buy furniture, you will be able to view virtually how the furniture will look in your home. With this, you will be able to make an informed choice based on how well the furniture fits in your home.

Education sector: the level of interaction between the students and their teachers will be enhanced. This will give them a better understanding of what is being taught which will improve their performance.

Healthcare: using augmented reality, it will be possible to have a virtual consultation with a doctor and get your prescription. The doctor will be able to have a better understanding of what you are suffering from so that he can give the right prescription.

The devices on which you will be able to use augmented reality are smartphones and tablets where AR will be viewed as magic windows, PC, TV players, and mounted displays.  The following are the components that will make it possible for AR to work on these devices:

  • Camera: this will help to stream actual footages on the device being used
  • Registration: using tools such as GPS, orientation sensors or barometric sensors will provide directions to the computer on where the virtual object will be placed.
  • Computer’s vision: this will help to interpret the footage and determine how the virtual objects will get integrated.
  • Display: This is where the images will be streamed and enable the user to view the displayed images.

Augmented reality is getting more advanced by the day. It has helped to enrich your experiences and also help in making more informed decisions during business transactions.

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