5 Elements of Explainer Videos

5 Elements of Explainer VideosDo you know that having an explainer video on your site can double the time site visitors spend on it? This information is based on current research. People fall in love with visuals as they act as a shortcut to offering them essential information for decision making. However, like any other activity, videos follow a process.

You cannot create a winning video without understanding its components and be having a plan. Also, you need to know what the building blocks of a great video are before embarking on their creative journey. This article presents the 5 critical elements of an explainer video. Here they are:

Video script or story

A video script involves writing the story you want to share in your explainer. Here, you outline what you need, the characters to incorporate, what they will say and how to do it. In a simple language, it is a written representation of your video that gives the chronological flow of events and scenes.

Writing a great video script is the backbone of having a winning explainer. If you are not a good scriptwriter, it is advisable to consult one. Failure to do so can result in having a crappy video script that will lead to a poorly organized and ineffective explainer video. Hence, you should concentrate on developing high-quality video scripts for the best results.


After developing a video script, the next phase or element involves putting it into visuals. As such, a storyboard is the visual image of the video script. Here, you need to have an effective understanding of the script content to ensure there is a perfect match between the visuals and the story. Also, it involves selection of words and images to use in relaying your information. Importantly, this is the first phase of making an explainer video. Hence you need to take quality time in designing it to avoid making mistakes that would lead to failure.

Voice over

Aha, no video is complete without voice-overs. Voice overs are merely the narrations in a video by an unseen person. This is an essential part of your explainer video. As the image moves, it is the role of the unseen speaker to explain to the viewers about what is going on at each stage of the video. For this reason, you need to do a thorough practice to be effective invoicing of your videos.

Otherwise, if you are not good at it, you can hire professional voice over experts to do that part for you. This way, you will ensure that you produce a high-quality video that has a clear and audible voice for a better understanding of your message by the prospective audience.


The fourth element of an explainer video is animation. Here, it involves bringing liveliness to images you are using in your videos. An animation is essential as it is the source of attraction for a large number of audiences. Certainly, you remember a particular video due to the fun behavior of its animations. The same case happens to your audience.

As the saying goes, images are worth a thousand words, what if you incorporate liveliness and movement? It means you will enhance their impact and effect on your site. Hence, you should give all your effort and energy in choosing the best animations for your explainer video production.

Sound effects and music

The last component you need to consider in your explainer video production is sound effects and music. The two elements bring life to your videos by creating an enjoyable experience. As such, you need to put extra effort in determining the music and sound effects that will align with your product and marketing message you want to pass on via your videos.

In a word, understanding the above elements will enable you to produce the best explainer videos that will impress on your customers and arise an urge to make a purchase.

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