3 Compelling Calls to Actions for Explainer Videos

3 Compelling Calls to Actions for Explainer VideosA CTA or call to action is a direct instruction to the viewer which suggests them what to do next after watching the video. Here are 3 compelling calls to actions for explainer videos to keep in mind!

 When you are investing in a whiteboard, animated, 2D or 3D explainer video for your next business project, you need to have different business goals to attach to the performance of the video. For example, increasing online sales, increasing traffic to your website or blog, growing your email list, increasing phone or email inquiries, and etc. Before you create the video, you should determine clear goals as these are measurable activities that can be tested before and after presenting your explainer video so that you would know whether or not the video is effective.

 If your explainer video is installed into a stand-alone page that gathers email addresses from customers in return for a free offer or if your video is embedded into a sales page, you can easily test versions of the page with different positioning, different wording, and different versions of your video with proper calls to actions.

 A CTA or Call to Action is a direct instruction to the viewers which suggest them what to do next after watching your video, what steps to take to develop their relationships with your brand.

 In this article, we are going to present you 3 calls to action that definitely give better results. Keep these compelling calls to actions for your next explainer video project:

  1. Buy your product with a special offer discount code – Regardless of whether you are selling digital or physical products online, you need to end your video with a special discount code which can be entered directly into the shopping cart, work well on social media networks, and give better results than a photo ad pointing to your sales page.
  2. Attend a presentation – This strategy is quite popular with small businesses and startups looking for an investment. Their explainer or whiteboard videos present a short overview of their business and what it is like to accomplish, and then encourage the viewer to get in touch with them so they can attend a presentation where they can discover more information about their business and brand. The video, in this case, acts as a teaser and give enough details to inspire and motivate the viewer to want to discover more about it and maybe invest in your business. A direct link to your video is sent to potential investors, together with the dates of the presentation or a friendly invite to a one-to-one meeting.
  3. Download your free report – A white paper, free special report or manifesto, targeted to the direct needs and wants of your target group or dealing with the concerns they usually ask before they purchase your product or service is an incredible method to build your email list. You can ask for the first name and email address of the person, however, you will possibly get more opt-ins if you only ask for their email. We would like to recommend you to make two versions of your explainer video with two different CTA – one version ending with a link of the stand-alone page for the free report (which you can post to social media networks) and one to be showcased on the page itself, ending with an arrow pointing to the information capture fields.

 Explainer video without a call to action is not worth it. The whole point of the explainer video is to encourage the viewer to do something about the products or services you are selling.

We hope you like our tips and you find them useful! Keep them in mind!

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